Mentha-XL Peppermint Oil Softgel

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Mentha-XL® 200 mg Enteric-Coated Pharmaceutical Grade Peppermint Oil Softgel

Mentha-XL is used to relieve discomfort from bowel pain, intestinal gas, cramps, pressure, bloating, diarrhea and constipation commonly seen in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferers. It comes in a 84cnt softgel package.

Mentha-XL softgels are made of a controlled-release coated soft gelatin that resists the acid environment of the stomach. After passing intact into the ​small intestine, the softgel disintegrates and the ingredients ​are released where they work!

Mentha-XL does not include food color dyes which have been removed to reduce potential for allergies. Therefore, Mentha-XL softgels are a natural light golden color.
The new Mentha-XL does not include sorbitol which may cause diarrhea. Mentha-XL is free of many common allergens -- food color free; dye free; gluten free; soy free; corn free; lactose free; ginger free; egg free; ​nuts free and sorbitol free.
Mentha-XL Softgels are made from bovine gelatin and contain trace amounts of Miglyol (fractional coconut oil).
Each Mentha-XL Softgel is individually packaged in a container closure, commonly called a "Blister Pak", in order to maintain the potency of the peppermint oil and extend the stability of the product. Individual softgel packaging is important because peppermint oil is a volatile oil which evaporates upon exposure to air or to light.
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    Posted by Coco on Apr 4th 2019

    I was diagnosed with Gastritis, was confused on what to buy. I ran across a friend whom worked with a GI doctor and I told her what were my symptoms.. She handed me Mentha-Xl and I tried it and what I say an AMAZING MEDICATION!!! I RECOMMEND Mentha-XL to EVERYONE WHO HAS IBS AND GASTRITIS.