NovaNailPLUS Antifungal Nail Polish

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NovaNailPlus® is a clear non-prescription antifungal nail polish recommended by healthcare professionals to treat onychomycosis (nail fungal infection) and promote healthy nails. NovaNailPlus is a naturally medicinal, herbal antifungal incorporated into nail polish, which may prevent the infestation of fungal elements into the nail.

NovaNailPLUS's special formula combines antifungal agents - 4% Melaleuca alternifolia Oil and 1% Artemisia tridentata Extract.

NovaNailPLUS is formaldehyde free, DBP free and toluene free. The bottle contains 0.37 FL OZ (11 ml).

Unlike other topical anti-fungals that must be applied once or twice (2 times) daily. NovaNailPLUS is applied just twice weekly.
It is for external use only. 
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